Love and you can Comfort, ‘This has been an extended Time‘

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Love and you can Comfort, ‘This has been an extended Time' Epik Large oriented by themselves on the Korean cool-rise underground regarding early aughts, with the lyrically thick musical sensed good cut-off so you're able to mainstream popularity. Half dozen age into their community, the latest threesome released the brand new bestselling Remapping the human being Soul, an excellent 27-tune album you to definitely searched philosophical and you may societal layouts, but is buoyed because of the their lead single people you to perfectly blended EDM, pop, and cool-switch. On one of these strikes, “Love Love Love,” Epik High use the listener through most of the stages from love, regarding blissful infatuation in order to a painful break up. Trapping brand new chemistry from MCs Tablo and you will Mithra…
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