Our very own studies has numerous restrictions that needs to be considered

Our very own studies has numerous restrictions that needs to be considered

Brand new proportion regarding pregnancies that were exposed to DMTs while the consequence of voluntary pregnancy cancellation for almost all those started to providers contraindicated https://kissbrides.com/hr/blog/latinske-stranice-i-aplikacije-za-upoznavanje/ in pregnancy are distressing and could end up being good meditation of your own full high-frequency (52%) out-of unexpected pregnancies in the Colombian populace (38). It’s been connected to the shortage of use of contraception measures, which can are present on account of harmful effects, high will cost you, occasional sexual intercourse, shortage of availableness, and disapproval of the mate, therefore leading to the discontinuation, contradictory or completely wrong fool around with, and you can incapacity (39).

Quite the opposite, it’s been stated that women that acquired counseling ahead of to be pregnant had a lower frequency away from unexpected pregnancies (40). It guidance will be begin by the fresh neurology session, since neurologists was acquiesced by MS people because the main provider of information to have maternity believe (41).

For this reason, i thought this option of the reasons that may identify coverage so you’re able to DMTs in pregnancy is the traps to get into certified neurologic care and you will, using this, inconsistent go after-upwards. Such traps might result because of particular popular features of new Colombian health care system, leading to disconnected worry that’s connected to the continuity regarding agreements anywhere between insurance companies and you will medical care team (42).

Yet not, you will be able your pregnancies stated happened at the same time whenever usage of contraception steps and information about pregnancy in MS patients and you will DMTs visibility was minimal, hence, the health routine during the time can not be evaluated from the most recent conditions.

Studies limitations

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, data range must be altered from actually to telephone studies, and that brings a reports prejudice. Although not, the fresh surveys was basically presented of the a professional that have just who the participants had currently interacted, so it’s possible that so it desired respondents to talk about these types of sensitive factors significantly more freely, which means that shorter the potential for worry prejudice.

Various other limit is the choices bias, because the certified center pulls patients having potentially more severe infection. This might be confirmed into sociodemographic aspects of the brand new interviewed inhabitants: % got higher amounts of knowledge and simply 15.6% had a decreased socioeconomic reputation. Which differs from the people surveyed in the united states within the 2015, where 33.5% of women got highest quantities of education and you will 22.6% got a low socioeconomic updates (18). Despite our decide to try becoming made randomly, it might not feel representative of one’s MS society within our urban area. As well as, all of our analysis may not have were able to select the result of a few of details to your virility choices, for example a reputation natural or induced abortions plus the usage of virility treatments. These are parameters that may determine the number of college students off the ladies interviewed and you can just weren’t considered towards the fertility preference investigation. Although not, it should be kept in mind that Colombia is regarded as to help you have a decreased incidence of MS (43, 44) and therefore this study wanted to help you calculate the reproductive areas of MS patients in Bogota.


Virility choice commonly significantly associated with health-related details, but with brand new identified demographic facts for women on the general people. Nearly all women having MS prefer not to have people, and you may the great majority ones decide on contraception in order to limitation pregnancies. The latest UNFP in females with MS will not change from that found in the standard people, and there is a high volume of connection with DMTs while in the pregnancy. Subsequent research is needed to address the brand new attitudes of women that have MS to the reproductive items.

Data access report

The new brutal research supporting the results associated with post would be offered by writers according to the standards out-of Lookup Stability Panel out of Health Universitario Nacional de Colombia.